The steering wheel of his Tesla remains in his hands, Facebook drains the battery of your phone, this is the recap

Amazon would like to make Tomb Raider a universe connected to Marvel, Facebook is accused of draining smartphone batteries and a Tesla Model Y user sees his steering wheel remaining in his hands, that’s the recap!

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It’s time for the recap of January 31, 2023. On the menu today, a video game adventurer who could be at the center of a connected universe, an unusable car after only a few days of use and a social network that Shamelessly pumps up your battery. Fasten your seat belts, let’s go!

He drives his Tesla, the steering wheel remains in his hands

As he was driving quietly on the highway, this Tesla Model Y owner noticed with horror that his steering wheel had come off. More fear than harm since he managed to pull over to the side. The icing on the cake: the car was almost new! Now, it will work much less well, inevitably… A story that highlights the design flaws of Elon Musk’s brand cars.

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Facebook sucks your battery unscrupulously

A former Facebook pundit has revealed an astonishing story: On Android, the social network app secretly drains your battery beyond reason. A process wanted by Facebook and which is called “Negative test”. The goal ? Test features and their power consumption. It is the consumer who bears the cost. The solution is found: uninstall Facebook permanently.

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Tomb Raider, Amazon’s next flagship license?

What if Tomb Raider became a transmedia license, with a connected universe available in series, film and video game? That’s what Amazon would like to do, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The goal would be to do something “Marvel-like”. Currently, a series is already in the works on Prime Video and Crystal Dynamic is working on a new game. This would be Amazon’s biggest investment since buying the rights to Lord of the Rings in 2017.

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