The steps you need to follow to change the keys on your MacBook

But this does not mean that on any MacBook you can make a change to the keys. In the event that a scissor key mechanism if it is much easier to make the change. In this case it can also be known as the key system mechanical and not by membrane and if you have basic knowledge in keyboards you will know that it is easily replaceable and even customizable. This field includes all the MacBook that we have not mentioned previously, being old and also modern. In this way, there are a large number of devices that are easily repairable.

Can you do it yourself?

This is undoubtedly another of the great questions that can be asked when wanting to do a maintenance operation on your MacBook. You have to bear in mind that to carry out a repair of this caliber you must have sufficient knowledge to face making a change in the keys. Although a priori it may seem like something very simple to do, you have to be patient and, above all, do not tend to always resort to force. In many cases to make repairs you have to choose not to use a lot of force avoiding major damages.

That is why you can do it yourself as long as you have everything you need and have done similar operations previously. Keep in mind that you will be handling really expensive equipment and that there can be many problems if it is not done correctly. In these situations, if you are not totally sure what you are going to do, you should go to a specialized center where a professional will carry out the corresponding repair.

Problems that may arise

During any repair, many important problems can occur. The fact of breaking the mechanism that exists under the keys themselves is one of the most common problems that you will be able to present while changing one of the keys on the keyboard of a MacBook. Likewise, any failure that occurs it will not be covered by the warranty. That is, if you have a problem you will not be able to go to a SAT to solve it. Apple’s limited warranty always details that any type of manipulation by an unauthorized person, such as the user, will automatically void any existing warranty.

Another problem that can arise in this case is that the keys are not placed correctly. What will end up causing you to not be able to write correctly when the key remains locked or that it is not detected by the lower plate that will be the one that will receive the input itself. This is something that will also end up causing the keyboard to be practically unusable having to make the change again, since by not using always original parts, it could not work.

What do you need to start the replacement

Once you have taken into account all the above, such as that your computer is compatible, or that you have the necessary knowledge, you will go on to acquire what is necessary. This includes both the repair tools that you may already have at home, and also the spare parts that you will find in various online stores.

Tools you will have to have

As we mentioned, there are tools on the market that are specific to electronic products. The packs have everything you need to make extremely thorough repairs to any hardware component. That is why to make a replacement it is necessary to have tools of this type. Although at first you should not loosen special screws, you do have to use specific tools to lift the keys as safely as possible.

mac tools

On Amazon itself you can find very useful tools at a really cheap price. The most comfortable thing is to buy a whole kit that can be useful to carry out different repairs on a Mac but also on other company products such as an iPhone but also from other different brands.

Buying the spare part

Obviously, when you want to change the keys on a Mac, you have to first look for the corresponding replacement. The most advisable thing is always to acquire the keys that are original and are produced by Apple itself. These always offer the best user experience, since there will be no type of variation with the keys that you were using at the beginning on your Mac computer. But unfortunately Apple does not offer official parts for sale so that users can acquire them, forcing always the user to go to a SAT that are the ones who have access to the original parts.

On the internet you can also find some keys that are compatible with the Apple mechanism. In this case, you can find some kits with all the necessary parts in Amazon itself at a fairly low price, although they can also be found in other online spare parts stores. It is important to always check the model for which the keys are intended, as there may be a difference in size between various Mac models.

The steps to follow to change a key

Changing one key for another is a really simple operation to perform. Simply pull the key up and insert the new one with the necessary tools. To be very clear, we present everything you must do in the following points:

  1. Disconnect your Mac from the power supply and turn it off completely. It is important that you keep it away from any liquid to avoid damage.
  2. With the help of a small screwdriver with a plastic tip, you should insert it under the key through one of its edges.
  3. In this step you have to have a lot of decision, since you will have to lever very carefully to make the key end up jumping.
    macbook key extraction
  4. In some situations you will see how only the key comes out as such, but you can also take off the lower switch that is the pulsation mechanism.
  5. Once outside, and in the event that the switch has come off, you will have to press it in again.
  6. When the switch is firmly seated, you will be able to grasp a new key and with pressure you will be able to fit it correctly.

In these cases it is important that it is always ensured that the key has been seated correctly. In the event that a correct interaction is not given, the switch itself can be damaged and this would make it impossible to use the keyboard correctly. The moment you change the key you can start using it without having to perform no extra settings.

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