The stores where you can buy the SilverStone brand in Spain

Sometimes if we think about brands and hardware manufacturers, there are some names that can resonate in our memory. Maybe because we haven’t heard from them for a long time and you think, what has become of that brand? There are moments in the life of a company where everyone talks about it, it is on everyone’s lips and someone always recommends something from that brand, it is seen everywhere and suddenly it disappears. On other occasions, however, it is as simple as that the brand is not making force in a specific market or investing money to make itself visible, as can be the case with SilverStone, one of those brands that any hardware enthusiast considers of high quality. . So where can we buy SilverStone in Spain? What stores include it?

SilverStone Technology was established in Taiwan in 2003 and they quickly began to set themselves apart from the competition, offering products with a high quality standard. Among its most recognized range of products we can find power supplies as well as PC chassis.

Where to buy SilverStone in Spain?

Luckily in our country SilverStone distribution (although it is not the best in the world) is not difficult to find, since we have a certain facility to obtain brand products. Although it may be an arduous task in a small neighborhood store, online shopping through different channels helps to find a SilverStone product in our national territory, even if the piece comes from warehouses on the other side of Europe.

The first thing to note is that if your intention is to go to the official SilverStone website and go to “Where to Buy”, it is true that you will get a large list of Spanish stores, but all the links are totally out of date and some stores have been for several years they have not had SilverStone products in their catalog. So where to buy them? From HZ we have saved you the task and we provide you with some revised and updated points to get products of the brand.



One of the few online stores that currently keep a wide and varied catalog of SilverStone products. In it we can find, from simple wiring, to the latest power supply or box available from the manufacturer.

As of this writing, the vast majority of products are in stock, with almost immediate shipping availability.



Although the store clearly does not push for the brand, something that cannot be attributed to it, it maintains a more than interesting and varied stock. Although Coolmod what the SilverStone product range is concerned with touches a bit of everything. In it we can find some high-mid-range source, but especially cooling and ventilation issues.

Life Informatics


The truth is, we put it because it is the only one we have found with a physical store that has some SilverStone catalog. If your interest lies in buying one of the brand’s barebone boxes, see them first and pick them up by hand, you can take a walk through the center of Barcelona, ​​which is very beautiful, and visit Life Informática, which is always appreciated by as long as they serve you behind a counter.

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