The story behind the latest free Apple Watch face

And when we talk about history, this time we are literally referring to this concept.

Why Apple has released a new free face for your Apple Watch

Apple has made available to users of its smart watch a new free face and the reason is the celebration of the so-called “Black History Month” (Black History Month).

To honor the event, Apple has created the sphere Unity Lights (Unity Lights)which has a mainly black background, along with the rest of the spectrum of colors symbolic of the month (and reflecting those of the Pan-African flag), which appear in the space between the two hands of the minutes and seconds of said sphere.

According to the apple company, it is the first watch face that uses the so-called “2D ray tracing” to simulate light, creating that distinctive aura of color, which we have told you about, around the hands of the clock.

You can download the sphere for free by opening this page from your iPhone.

A new strap also matching the dial

In addition to that, Apple has also wanted to celebrate this important month as it knows best and that is its hallmark: launching a new extremely expensive product with any excuse, to squeeze even more out of its loyal users.

In this case it is a new strap for the Apple Watch, the Black Unity Braided Solo Loop, which weaves the colors of the Pan-African flag into the elastic black band of your watch. And it does so for the low price of $99.

On other occasions, Apple had already celebrated this month with its watch. For example, the past brought out a special edition that was actually a standard gray aluminum model with a strap included.

Besides that, Apple is also preparing special and focused content for this month.

From new Black History Month workouts on Fitness+, with accompanying soundtracks, to an episode of Time to Walk with the co-founder of the movement Black Lives MatterAyo Tometi, plus another episode of Time to Run which includes civil rights landmarks in Atlanta.

On top of that, there is a “Unity Challenge” that owners of the Apple Watch they can get by closing their ring Move for seven days in a row.

What is Black History Month

Black History Month symbol

The Black History Month is an event celebrated in the United States and Canada throughout the month of February. In it, many acts and events are held that try to remember the history of people of color, beyond those that have to do with racism and slavery.

It is about remembering and understanding the origins, importance and influence that the colored population has had in the history of those countries. In addition, the month of February is chosen because it is the birthday of two fundamental people in that story: Abraham Lincolnthe president who abolished slavery in the United States after the Civil War and Frederick Douglass, a reformist and abolitionist of color contemporary with Lincoln, also fundamental in the history of emancipation.

If you have the watch, the truth is that the dial is very cool. So you already know.

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