The story of the millionaire who invented a homemade vaccine vs. Covid-19 and applied it without permission to 50 people

The Covid-19 pandemic face a new wave of infections almost two years after the first cases were registered in the city of Wuhan, China. Throughout these months, pharmaceutical companies and governments they have endeavored to develop vaccines against this new disease in order to apply them and with it reduce deaths and reopening borders as well as activities considered non-essential.

Currently, the World Health Organization (who) has approved the emergency use of eight vaccines:

  1. Janssen / J&J (USA)
  2. Pfizer-BioNTech (United States-Germany)
  3. Modern (USA)
  4. Oxford-AstraZeneca (United Kingdom)
  5. Sinovac / CoronaVac (China)
  6. Sinopharm (China)
  7. Covishield (India)
  8. Covaxin (India)

Although the truth is that there are perhaps more than a dozen vaccines against Covid-19 developed but that they do not have the endorsement of said UN entity. Such are the cases of Sputnik-V, created in Russia, or Abdala and Sovereign, both Cuban.

A man invented his (illegal) vaccine

About a year after vaccination began in several countries against Covid-19, now many nations are requiring travelers to present a certificate They already have a complete scheme, so many who did not want to be vaccinated at the time are now looking to apply it immediately. According to Our World in Data, 8.07 billion doses have been delivered worldwide.

This situation was exploited by Winfried Stöcker, a renowned German doctor, businessman and far right, who invented a so-called homemade vaccine against the new coronavirus, which evidently it was not endorsed by the health authorities and still applied to about 50 people at Lübeck airport, your private air terminal.

Deutsche Welle reported that the man had summoned 150 people to apply their own vaccine against Covid-19 on November 28; However, his plan was almost thwarted due to the fact that the local police broke illegal vaccination, and stopped subject, who in addition to being a businessman, a few years ago was president of a pharmaceutical company. Nevertheless, had already given the dose to fifty people, and therefore must be monitored.

Local media explain that LubecaVax, the vaccine that Stöcker invented, was based on a recombinant antigen, this means that it is of the doses that introduce a small part of the virus into the body so that the defenses think that there is an infection and thus can fight it.

The now detained he tested his “vaccine” with just five people and he presented it to the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines, but the latter rejected it and sued, so he decided to apply it in his own way at his private airport.


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