The strange case of the disappearance of a child that led to the arrest of his mother

The disappearance of a five-year-old boy caused confusion and uncertainty in the City of New Hampshire in New England whose progress in the investigation led to the arrest of two people, one of them surprisingly is the child’s own mother.

Danielle Denise Dauphinais 35 years old and Joseph stapf out of 30 were accused of witness tampering during the investigations to find the whereabouts of the minor identified as Elijah. According to the police, they endangered the boy by telling witnesses that lied about the address where they lived with him.

Although Elijah disappeared for six months, his disappearance was barely reported in the children’s services of the city of New Hampshire in New England where the local police follow the track of the minor.

The search for Elijah escalated to the state police who added to the investigation of the case who searched for Danielle Denise and Joseph Stapf who were arrested on Sunday while they were in the bronx in new york.

The police are pessimistic in finding the child

Elijah is wanted with the help from police dogs who have already gone to the home of their mother Danielle Denise. The search spanned both the interior of the house and in the forest around the house near a pond of water on the site.

“We hope to find it in good condition. But I would be less honest if I didn’t say that the chances of that don’t seem good right now”Police reported according to the New York Post.

So far no progress has been made on the whereabouts of the child while the child’s mother and her partner remain detained.

With information from the New York Post.


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