The strange Tinder hack that ensures you a match right away

The Tinder algorithm is the mystery everyone wants to unravel. Many users try to figure out how it works to take advantage and get more precious matches bring them on a date.

There are many rumors and assumptions in the app to find a partner, but on April 26 of this year, a Tik Tok user, Garny (@garnytho), posted a video with a hack from Tinder that, according to him, was going to change your life.

In this video you can see how Garny uses a technique that allows him get, again and again, a match practically automatic just open the application.

The video is this and, if you do not understand very well what is happening, do not worry, because it is very easy and we will explain it to you.


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How to get a match on Tinder quickly

If you look at what happens in the video, to get a match, all you do is open the application and, at that moment, the first possible pairing appears. Garny indicates that he likes it and goes to the next one, marks again that that person fits him and continues with a new one but, immediately, Tinder tells him that he has obtained a match with the second person.

After that, Garny close Tinder completely and open it again.

The application presents him again with a first option, he indicates that he likes it and, immediately, the second appears. Garny slides in pointing out that he likes that person again and, as soon as he goes to the next one, get back a match with that second option that appears.

In other words, it seems that the Tinder algorithm has a tendency to show you second to a person who will do match because you liked it.

The hack it is clear. For more pairings, Garny he opens and closes Tinder to get the algorithm to introduce him to more of those second people that will end in a match.

Does this really work hack from Tinder?

With almost 200,000 “likes” and almost 2,000 comments, this little secret has ignited a debate that tries to unravel if the technique is real and how the Tinder algorithm works.

The application, as they all do, try to attract you and stay as long as possible with her.

That is why one of the tricks he uses is that the first person who appears is almost always very attractive, so that you are hooked as soon as you open. To properly catch that attention that you have initially aroused, the second person to appear is most likely someone who has indicated that they like you.

In this way, you have a match guaranteed at the beginning. With that little boost in self-esteem, Tinder knows that, most likely, you will continue Playing.

It is no secret that Tinder and others apps They apply the same tricks as the casinos so that you stay with them. The point is that, apparently, the Tinder algorithm is not very sophisticated and tends to repeat that process.

Opening and closing all the time, the application immediately offers you again to people who have liked it, trying not to close it again. But if you do and reopen, you can get more matches in much less time.

If this theory works in your case it is something you should try, although perhaps it all comes down to one of the most voted comments: «That hack it is only for handsome men ».

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