The strangest piece of LEGO is also the most useful

If you are a fan of LEGO You probably know what today is the most useful tool of the building blocks, but if you have not yet dared to assemble some of the many sets that LEGO has in its catalog, you probably do not know the most effective and necessary tool that has ever created the brand. And it all comes down to a small piece of plastic that has an extremely thoughtful design. Do you know how the brick separator?

The LEGO brick separator

With an aspect that could well seem like one more piece of any set of the brand, the brick separator It is actually a tremendous help that the manufacturer includes in almost all its sets. If you are a little clueless in this of the building blocks, the first thing you will think when you see the piece is that it is an element that is part of the final design of the set you are assembling. However, it is the opposite, since this orange piece is going to become your inseparable ally from the first minute you meet.

A design thought for emergencies

Who has not ever come across two connected LEGO pieces that are impossible to withdraw? Surely on more than one occasion you have wasted quite a few minutes trying to separate two very thin and small pieces that seem glued together. This suffering disappears with the help of the brick separator, since it will be he who is in charge of separating both pieces with total ease.

As you can see in the official LEGO video, the solutions that this simple piece can provide you are tremendous. On the one hand, you have the side of the wedge, which will be the part with which you can separate pieces that are difficult to grasp that you must separate, especially those flat without the possibility of grip that remain placed on a base.

Lego separator

Then we will have the area of ​​the lever, a part that has teeth to be able to hold on to any piece, and thus be able to pry off the brick that resists you. This move is tremendously useful on small pieces that fall short of others, so once again the tool will save you from a pinch. Finally, the protrusion that it includes will serve to push small pieces that have been placed in holes, basically connecting bars that enter holes specially designed for those pieces.

As you can see, a piece as simple and strange as this block separator hides a large number of uses that could be of great help in your constructions. Did you know the piece?

Can it be purchased separately?

Although the block separator tool is included in the package most LEGO sets, you can easily buy a separate unit at any store that distributes LEGO. For example, on Amazon you can get a pair for 5 euros, so you will have your problems solved quickly at a very low price.

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