The studio behind Bayonetta takes a stand against NFTs

PlatinumGames claims that NFTs have “no positive impact” for creators or buyers.

NFT, the word of the year 2021 for some, continues to make its way and conquer more and more big companies, especially in the world of video games. There are thus many studios that have taken part in this crazy adventure of non-fungible tokens, such as Konami, Ubisoft, or even SEGA. However, the technology does not please everyone, and some studios do not keep their opinion to themselves.

This is the case of the very famous PlatinumGames, which you surely know thanks to its Bayonetta titles or even Nier: Automata. While his next game, Babylon’s Fall, is expected on March 3, the studio takes the floor and denounces the scam that are NFTs. Indeed, in an interview with VCG, CEO Atsushi Inaba says:

I understand that [les NFT] are a hot topic right now and it’s really starting to gain momentum, but the way it’s gained momentum has been focused on the profitability of the business, but without any positive impact on the creators or users. It’s frustrating to see what’s going on.

People who try to promote NFTs and partner with video game companies, their conversations seem extremely one-sided and are about money. But how does this benefit the user or the creator? If I want to devote my time to something, I want it to be to make good games. »

Studios in search of money?

A clear message that goes in the direction of statements by other players in this industry, who consider NFTs as an easy way to make money, or as large-scale fraud as the number of thefts or scams they generate is phenomenal. It also does not fail to make a spade at Konami, a competing studio.

Asked if he was surprised to see how quickly Konami had taken the bandwagon, the CEO replied: ” Not really. If it smells like money, Konami will be there in a heartbeat! A statement that applies to anyone who has ever taken advantage of NFTs?

A big no…for now

But PlatinumGames does not definitively close the door to NFTs. If the studio is for the moment in a position of mistrust, a change of direction and especially of use of NFT could convince the studio in the future. Later in the interview, the CEO explains:

So far, users are not getting any benefit from it. In the future, if it’s developed in a way that’s positive for users, maybe I’ll start paying attention to what they do with it. But I don’t see that right now. »

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