The surprise of the iPhone 14 that you did not expect

We have just experienced the March 2022 event, where Apple has presented fantastic devices, but we are already talking about what the Cupertino company may present us with next September. However, the news that reaches us about the iPhone 14 may not be as good as you expected.

A15 chip only for Pro models

So far, Apple has never made distinctions at the processor level between the different iPhone models that are presented each year, that is, all iPhone 13 models have the A15 Bionic chip just as all iPhone 12 models have the A14 Bionic chip, and so on with all previous models.

iPhone 13pro

Well this looks like may change in next septemberIn fact, according to the popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the possibility that Apple leaves the A16 Bionic chip only for the Pro models is real and it is possibly the move made by the Cupertino company with the launch of the new iPhone. In this way, the base models, that is, the iPhone 14 and the hypothetical iPhone 14 Max would continue with the A15 Bionic processor while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max would have exclusively the A16 Bionic. This movement, had it been done with the current generation, you would have assumed that the decision to choose the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max would have been much easier for users, which will be what will happen with the next generation.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vertical

It is certainly a movement surprise to all, since it would be the first time that Apple wants to make such a clear distinction between its different ranges of iPhone. However, this does not have to be just bad news, as long as this reduction at the processor level with respect to the Pro models is also a economic downgradeIn other words, the fact that these two iPhone models have a lower processor can mean that their price also decreases, offering a much cheaper alternative to all users.

Here’s what we know about the iPhone 14

This possible novelty is added to the entire list of features that are known as time goes by around the new iPhone models that will come in September. Although yes, I’m sure that if this is the case finally, the controversy Around this differentiation will be served and it will have to be the Cupertino company that justifies very well the real reason for this movement.

However, as we said, this is not the only possible novelty that we know about the iPhone 14, since as we have told you before, one of the big changes will be in the screen sizes that there will be, since everything seems to indicate that Apple will say goodbye to the mini model and will choose to take out two 6.1-inch modelsthe iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, and two 6.7-inch modelsthe iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 13mini

In addition, the screen size will not be the only new thing that we will see on the front of the device, since after having reduced the notch with the iPhone 13 generation, it seems that Apple wants to continue evolving and we could see a considerable reduction, even reaching complete elimination, betting on a small band and a hole in the screen. However, these are all rumours, which will be confirmed or denied over time, although as is often said in these cases, when the river sounds, water carries.

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