The Talent table, the only Spanish design finalist in the DesignEuropa Awards

Table Actiu Talent It was the only Spanish design, in the Industrial category, in the 2021 DesignEuropa Awards, organized by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Designed by Marcelo Alegre from Alegre Design for Actiu, Talent is defined as being a folding, lifting and mobile table that has been conceived, designed and manufactured to promote collaboration and learning in all types of Agile spaces and environments, whether they are traditional offices, home offices, educational centers or third-party spaces. in which uses are merged.

Within the Industrial category of the Design Europe Awards, together with Talent, Three other products have been nominated: an Aperio H100 door handle (Sweden), John Deere 8 Series tractors (United States) and the Philips IntelliVueXe X3 monitor (Netherlands), which was finally the winning product at the awards ceremony that had place yesterday October 19 in Eindhoven (Netherlands).

“For us it has been an enormous pride that the design and qualities of Talent have been recognized by EUIPO. We want to thank this nomination and emphasize the importance of design and its intellectual protection, at a time when the transformative capacity of design is increasingly recognized internationally. We also want to congratulate the winners for the innovations presented ”, says Vince Berbegal, Actiu’s International Executive Business Manager, who has attended the awards ceremony.

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The DesignEuropa Awards, which have celebrated their third edition this year, are organized by the EUIPO to recognize both products and their designers in the field of industrial design. They present two categories, Small and Emerging Companies and Industrial, as well as another to the Professional Career for designers with a “significant impact in the field of design”.

In the case of Talent, its technical innovation allows its regulation system to work without an electrical connection. An easily accessible button activates the gas piston that regulates both the ascent and descent of the work surface, in a very subtle and smooth movement, where the user himself determines the elevation. Its quality and safety is backed by the German GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit) certification.

Creativity improves productivity

“We know that movement fosters creativity and improves productivity. With the Talent program we are committed to promoting the culture of ergonomics by bringing the best professional equipment to any place thanks to its great versatility ”highlights the Counselor and Director of Brand Reputation of Actiu, Soledat Berbegal.

Due to its design and characteristics, the Talent collection responds to work and learning spaces. “Talent was conceived and designed in order to develop a table that promotes talent in dynamic training environments. Already then trends were anticipated that have now been implemented in a generalized way, such as the constant use of technologies and agile teaching and learning methodologies. Talent was designed to favor the movement of the body, to be able to be used standing and sitting and to facilitate the presentation of projects. And now that innovative approach has been recognized with this nomination “, says the designer Marcelo Alegre.

Among Actiu’s solutions designed to promote movement, Talent also enhances ergonomics and versatility, so that it is functional in all types of spaces. Due to its design and characteristics, the table responds to spaces that require furniture that can be easily moved, quickly stored, comfortable and liftable to favor collaboration and presentations, through a paintable surface in its folding position.

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