The Ted Lasso series is worth much more than it costs

At this point in the movie or rather the series, I don’t think there is anyone who has not heard of the Ted Lasso series. The comic adventures in England of the football coach. Numerous awards have recognized the trajectory of its actors and actresses as well as the script on which it is based. It is the spoiled series of Apple TV + and even Tim Cook himself mentions it whenever he can. It is a series that is worth much more than it costs and that they have had to shelling out a good deal of money for intellectual property rights.

In order to develop a quality series, one of the premises is that it be credible. Good actors are needed for this, but also good contexts. What would a series that talks about a soccer coach in the Premiere League be without seeing the logos, badges and trophies that soccer fans see on a regular basis? It would not be credible and therefore it would be difficult for him to have achieved the success that Ted Lasso has accumulated at the Emmy Awards, for example.

According to new data, it has been possible to know that for the series, everything to be credible and we see an environment as close to reality, the producers of the series have had to disburse the Premier League the amount of 650,000 dollars (550,000 euros). All for naming teams in the English league, using their shields, logos … etc.

The structure of the agreement is not known, but it is unlikely that it will come with time constraints. The series is still expected to have a third season and may be the last. However, Apple will presumably want to keep it available on Apple TV + for much longer, so the rights are likely a one-time purchase instead of a recurring payment.

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