The term to defer payments with the Apple Card is extended

Apple has already warned Apple Card users that on certain purchases they could choose to defer payments at zero interest. For this they should register through the website that Apple dedicates to the effect. The term was about to expire, however the American company has extended the deadline until mid-December.

Apple is expanding its offering to convert certain purchases and pay for them in monthly Apple Card installments. The company says that customers now have until December 15, 2021 to request that purchases become a monthly Apple Card fee. In an email to customers, Apple explains:

We understand that some customers expected to automatically receive 0% financing when purchasing Apple products with their Apple Card. 0% financing is available with Apple Card on eligible Apple products when customers choose to pay with monthly Apple Card installments while shopping on, the Apple Store app, or the Apple Store. The initial deadline to contact Apple Card Specialist to convert a purchase into monthly installments was November 15. If you contact us before December 15, 2021, we may convert your eligible purchases into a monthly Apple Card payment. To expedite your request, be prepared to identify the transactions for which you expected to obtain a rate of 0% annual percentage and have your receipt ready to give it to a specialist. Chat with an Apple card specialist for help.

In this way, all purchases can be deferred and paid in comfortable monthly installments at zero interest. But how could you read, only on certain purchases and on certain sites and always related to Apple. It comes in handy for Christmas shopping and gifts that are coming up.

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