The terrible baddies of Batman, do you know them all?

The villains that define Batman

The Dark Knight is one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe and possibly from the world of superheroes. Hence, the success of practically all the productions made on it, regardless of the format, is normal.

From comics to graphic novels, adaptations in series format of live action, animation or as films for the big screen, they have triumphed with the exception of few occasions. And it is rare to find someone who Batman does not care or seem flashy.

Of course, beyond Batman, much of his success has also been due to some villains who have usually been at a high level. And is that no superhero is important if his enemies are not up to the task. This is where Batman beats pretty much the rest, because the cast is brilliant. Of course, not all of them are equally well known and that is why we are going to show you the main ones as well as others that you should know as a fan.

Mr. Freeze

We have seen Mr. Freeze on the big screen, although we cannot say that the movie where he appeared was one of the most memorable in the saga. Even so, he becomes a villain because he cannot control his crazy obsession to save the life of his wife put in cryostasis by himself after telling a rare terminal illness.

Killer Croc

Waylon Jones is the name of who is behind Killer Croc, a Batman villain who could have been much more than he has ended up being. Because his story could really have evolved more since it counted as a rare condition that caused him to have that scaly skin and the abuse suffered led him to become a cannibal and psychopathic murderer.


Clayface is likely to remind you of one of the enemies that simulated Mystery in the second Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland, but not logically it is not because we are talking about different universes. Still, this is one of the most striking monsters Batman has to face.

With a body of clay that can change shape at will, Clayface is a striking villain who is also one of the most spectacular.

Poison ivy

There are several women who face Batman over time, one of them is Poison Ivy. With the ability to confuse and attract any man to act at will, it is also capable of doing whatever you want with plants.

This power is achieved, according to the vision of each screenwriter, in a different way. Pyra some did it fortuitously, after being forced to consume a poisonous plant, and for others after consciously injecting it. Be that as it may, the obsession to defend plant life is what leads her to commit all kinds of harmful actions for the citizens of Gotham.

Black mask

From wealthy parents, those concerned more about their social position than about their well-being and that of their own son, Roman Sionis ended up killing them by building the black mask that he wears with his father’s coffin. He’s a potential sadist.

Two faces

The cinema has shown us on several occasions Harvey Dent, a prosecutor in the city of Gotham who goes from being ruthless with the bad guys to one of them. Hence the duality represented by the two sides, the same ones of the coin that he uses to play a kind of chance that is not really such.


Like other Batman villains, only the most comic book fans will know him since his beginnings were in Teen Titans. His powers were obtained after a failed attempt at a project that sought to achieve a super soldier.


Like Batman, many batman villains emerge after traumatic situations that bring out many hidden traumas. On this occasion, this psychology teacher ends up being fired after firing a gun in class and that leads him to completely lose his mind. Using his knowledge in psychology, he plays with each other’s fear to terrorize them and get away with it.

The Penguin

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot III, behind that name hides a guy with a strange walk who went from being an ordinary thief to a crime lord of the city of Gotham.

He is one of the best known villains along with Joker and despite not having great physical abilities, his intelligence and lack of scruples make him earn the title of being one of the most dangerous in the city.

Hugo Strange

One of Batman’s most dangerous villains and one of the first to know who was behind the mask. A scientist who through his experiments is responsible for shaping some of the worst beings that swarm around Gotham.


Alongside The Penguin, one of the most interesting villains in all of Gotham is Enigma. As a fan of riddles, his real goal is to show Batman that he is smarter than him. Something that he does not achieve and hence his desire to finish off The Dark Knight.

Harley quinn

Harley Quinn is one of those surprises that appear without really knowing how. The first time she was seen was as Joker’s partner, but her popularity grew so much that she inevitably achieved success and with it even a series of her own. Now that we have seen several performances on the big screen from Margot Robbie, much more so. And that’s okay, because she’s a great villain. Because Batman also has women who make things very difficult for him.

The joker

There will be tastes of all kinds, but there is probably not a more unanimous opinion that the Joker is the great enemy of Batman. He is also one of the most changing characters, because he has gone from being a simple clown to a sadistic and dark clown.
In the world of cinema there have been several and surely each one has his favorite, but whatever it is, he always likes to see it again. Because no two interpretations are the same and that is possibly the great attraction of this character who loves chaos and destruction.

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