The Tesla Model Y and Cybertruck sneak into PUBG Mobile

Tesla in PUBG

The new 1.5 update of PUBG Mobile, Ignition, has included a series of novelties in a very technological map in which to find quite futuristic decorations and a theme that moves away from the open and abandoned lands of the first PUBG.

But if there is a set that will especially attract attention, it will be the Gigafactory that they have included on the map, since if we explore we can find a Tesla factory in which we will see a large company logo and where vehicles will be manufactured inside that you can pilot to continue exploring the map.

Among the available vehicles we will find the new Model Y or the future Cybertruck, so players can pilot one of these Tesla models without having to make an appointment at any dealership. Of course, driving will be relative, since the vehicles will have predefined routes with their autopilot mode, so the player who gets on one of the models will be taken to another point on the map automatically, without the possibility of directing. the course.

New map, new experiences

PUBG Tesla

The Erangel map has been completely transformed by DynaHex, the technology and energy company that is revolutionizing the region with its latest scientific research. In the new map we will find areas such as the port of Georgopol, the Technical Center, the Security Center, the Logistics Agency and the Energy Center, as well as the Tesla Gigafactory.

Players will be able to move quickly around the map with new vehicles, such as the antigravity motorcycle, although they can also make use of the HyperLines, an automated transport system like an outdoor metro that will take you to established points automatically.

A big list of changes

PUBG Tesla

The new update has included hundreds of changes to the game, including bug fixes, bugs, and new weapons and features. For example, a new weapon has been included, the MG3, a 7.62 mm light machine gun that with a single firing mode can reach 660 and 990 rounds per minute. The M249 It has also received some tweaks, as it will now not appear in airdrops. At the gameplay level, they have included a field of view adjustment When we play in the third person, in addition to the fact that from now on the buildings of Erangel and Miramar will have crystals that can be broken, being able to destroy them with a melee, shooting or climbing through the window. But be careful, because you will make noise.

If you want to know in detail everything that comes with this new update, you can take a look at all the details included in this new version of the game by visiting the official PUBG website whose link we leave you in the source link.

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