The theory of Bruce Lee and this Street Fighter character has vanished

Doubts are cleared

As we tell you, these days the names of the roster of first fighters who are going to reach Street Fighter 6 and, at the moment, there is no sign of Fei Long. This character, who came to the franchise in 1993 with Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers He has always lived with the shadow of being too inspired by the legendary action movie actor who died suddenly in 1973.

Well, from Capcom they have had to go out to the media to clear up all doubts. Well, all but one, whether the Hong Kong character is going to participate in the new Street Fighter 6 It will depend on the dates that the Japanese have imposed to reveal new details, but everything else has already become clear to us: Fei Long has no legal problems to appear if its creators so wish. According to the game’s director, Takayuki Nakayama, “all the information about Bruce Lee’s estate that they mentioned turned out to be not real. […] I can’t say if he will come or not, but there are definitely no legal problems.”

In recent days, news had appeared that pointed in the opposite direction, since the heirs who manage the legacy and memory of Bruce Lee they would be behind Capcom’s inability to add Fei Long within the roster of Street Fighter 6thus avoiding any type of legal action that would entail an added cost for the Japanese.

Where do the problems come from?

Although the Japanese company denies that there are problems around Fei Long, the truth is that everything began to unravel after some statements by the musical composer of Street Fighter VDaniel Lindholm, in which he came to say that the fighter would not appear again in a game of the franchise because the heirs who manage the artistic legacy of Bruce Lee had requested it.

In any case, if there is something that has amplified this little controversy, it is precisely that Fei Long did not appear at any time within the roster of fighters of Street Fighter V and all its DLC linked to the four seasons it has had, so if things remain the same in this sixth installment, could we begin to think that there really is a problem that Capcom does not want to reveal to us?

At the moment, to this day, the official versions are that nothing happens with Fei Long: there is no veto by the managers of the artistic memory of Bruce Lee and if he hasn’t returned to a title since the Street Fighter IV, the explanation we will have to go look for it elsewhere. Perhaps because he has ceased to be an interesting fighter for the community?

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