The Third Sector Platform encourages alliances in the business field

The Third Sector Platform yesterday held the meeting “The impact of companies on fair social transformation”, which has brought together prominent personalities from the social and business fields with great success. An act in which the Solidarity Company Box, of Corporation Tax with an enriching dialogue between the Third Sector, companies and business organizations.

The event, which was held in the CEOE auditorium, has highlighted the importance of weaving a network of alliances between the business world and the Third Sector with the common goal of building a fairer and more equal society, betting on a new model of interrelation with social value as the main lever of change.

Fatima Banezpresident of the CEOE Foundation; Patricia Bezunartea, General Director of Family Diversity and Social Services of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and Luciano Poyattopresident of the Third Sector Platform, opened the event emphasizing the transforming capacity of companies in the face of the common challenges of the future and the Solidarity Company Box as a meeting point between the different actors.

This year, we never tire of repeating that checking the Solidarity Company Box is a gesture at zero cost, but with all the positive impact. And it is true. It is a pragmatic, efficient and effective action and, furthermore, with transformative capacity. However, as you know, and that is why we are here today, the Solidarity Company Box is also a catalyst for other broader and deeper actions. With it, what we also intend is to promote alliances between the different actors of society, especially between companies and entities of the Third Sector”Luciano Poyato has pointed out.

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For her part, the president of the CEOE Foundation highlighted that today’s act is « an alliance with capital letters for solidarity«, because check the box of solidarity company “multiplies social commitment throughout the national territory, in all economic sectors and in all companies, whatever its size”. According to Fatima Báñez, «The CEOE Foundation channels the commitment of the entire Spanish company to society”, because “Companies are essential allies to reach the last corner of Spain from the private sphere with important social projects and with more hope.”

four years of life

Patricia Bezunartea has noted that “This box was created four years ago and has become a good indicator of the commitment of companies, which has been growing. We must intensify the media and make an effort to explain this simple gesture so that companies get involved and put their corporate social responsibility into practice to improve the well-being of the community”.

Mark the Solidarity Company Box in the Corporation Tax supposes a free and altruistic decision, at zero cost for companies, with which they have the opportunity to get directly involved in equal and inclusive social reconstruction, which benefits both the business sector and society, allocating 0.7% of the proceeds to social projects, cooperation and environmental developed by entities of the Third Sector. Actions aimed at guaranteeing the rights of citizens, the fight against poverty, social exclusion and inequality. And it is that, if all the companies checked this box, 186 million euros would be collected.

With this zero-cost decision, the business sector also has the opportunity to generate social value and reputation, since it entails a real contribution at a time when citizens demand action with direct impact on the part of the companies.

The Solidarity Company Box can be marked during the period of presentation of the Open Corporation Tax until july 25and is currently available in two models of said tax: 200 and 220. It appears included in the ‘other characters – social purposes’ section, specifically, in box 00073 (within model 200) or in box 069 (in model 220).

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