The three basic tricks to take incredible photos with the iPhone

Before going fully into the tricks, something that we recommend you do is that you know the capabilities of your iPhone, that is, that you know that you can and cannot do with it, since not all models have the same features, as it is natural Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the camera features that your iPhone has, either on our website, where you will find a post for each of the models, or through the Apple website.

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Three basics to improve photos taken with the iPhone

We start this series of basic tricks with one that is essential, and that although it may seem insignificant makes a lot of difference. Is about activate camera grid. To do this you just have to follow a series of steps that we are going to leave you below.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  2. Enter the camera section.
  3. Activate the grid.

activate grid

By activating the grid you will be able to see how in the camera interface, when taking a photograph, you will see two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, forming different rectangles. Well then, when it comes to framing the photograph and using rules such as the rule of thirds, having these references is key and we believe that it will help you greatly improve the results.

One of the vital points of a photograph is light, well, despite the fact that you can take the photo and later, in editing, modify the light Of the same, it is much more optimal to do it directly from the iPhone at the moment in which you are going to take the photograph. To do this, you just have to keep the screen pressed when you already have the image framed, and then lower and raise the exposurewith your finger until you have the light you wanted. The correct handling of light within a photograph is key to achieving the desired result, and that is that in the end, the same moment, the same place but with different lighting can cause completely different sensations.

modify exposure

Finally, and again we emphasize that it may seem like something really basic, but that many users overlook, and it is correctly choose the lens you want to use to take the picture. Fortunately, the iPhone has great versatility, especially the Pro models that have up to three different lenses. And it is that the focal length, which in the end is what will vary the most in the change from one lens to another, in addition to the aperture, has a very important effect on the photographic result. It is not the same to use the ultra wide angle to photograph a building or sculpture, than to do it with the telephoto lens. Therefore, we encourage you to invest a few seconds before shooting to figure out which lens you have is the most appropriate to obtain the result you want.

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