The three-dimensional keyboard is here: type as fast as you think

The average of a person accustomed to typing with a QWERTY keyboard is about 120 words per minute, instead, the keyboard Charachorder promises speeds of over 300 ppm, is it possible? This unusual keyboard was unveiled two years ago at CES, and now has a final version. Riley Keen, the CEO of CharaChorder, is taking both TikTok and typing competitions by storm, where his device has just been banned. How good is it?

CharaChorder has a very peculiar shape, as well as the way to use it. This keyboard uses a system of joystick quadridirectional to perform what in the company have called three-dimensional writing.

Write as fast as you think with CharaChorder

The concept of such a peculiar keyboard is very simple and may be familiar to us when using a stenographer. Its system unlike the conventional mechanical keyboard that has a key almost for each letter that we press one in a bid for the use of all our fingers at the same time, moving them through its four-way joysticks to write in unison, speeding up and noticeably speeding up our writing.

As in shorthand, Charachorder makes use of software that could have a simile to predictive keyboard that we currently have on our mobile phones. Chord writing, together with this software, provides us with the possibility of writing several letters at the same time and making the software generate the complete word.

CharaChord three-dimensional writing

As can be seen in the image, each position of one of these eighteen joysticks is assigned a letter and even an action. As we press these positions, the words are generated automatically.

Banned from Monkeytype… For fast!

For those who do not know this competitive typing platform; It is where users through self-generated texts must write a series of chained words and thus measure themselves in a duel to get the maximum words per minute. This platform has prohibited the use of CharaChorder for exceeding the 500 words per minute as seen in one of the several TikTok videos of its CEO.

Without entering into the controversy of whether the use of this keyboard would be legal or not in the competitive field. The truth that Charachorder with their 18 joysticks and with a lot (a lot) of practice, scandal speed can be achieved when it comes to writing.

If you are interested in acquiring this keyboard, you can do it through its official website for a cost of $ 399, although it is currently out of stock and has a fairly long waiting list. But if you are one of those who like to experiment and develop new paths, through your own store they sell development PCBs for just $ 99.

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