The TikTokization of YouTube also reaches Smart TVs

How to watch YouTube Shorts on TV

As you well know, YouTube Shorts are here to stay. The short and fleeting clips that imitate TikTok videos are racking up millions of views on the service, and since YouTube is aware of this (it was exactly what it was looking for), it has not hesitated to improve the experience so that users continue to squeeze the Maximum this type of content.

This has been announced in a blog post, where they talk about transporting the format from the mobile platform to TV.

What Smart TVs are compatible?

You must bear in mind that not all Smart TVs will be compatible with the new format. On YouTube they specify that models prior to 2019 will not work correctly, so you’ll need a newer Smart TV to take advantage of the fancy functionality.

How can you watch Shorts on TV?

YouTube Shorts Smart TV

To watch the YouTube Shorts on your TV, you just have to open the Smart TV YouTube app and scroll down to the Shorts section, which appears perfectly integrated into the main menu. Now, select any of the Shorts and the selection will bring up the new display interface.

You can also view the Shorts for a content creator by clicking on their profile, then their avatar, and then scrolling down to the Shorts section below.

I don’t see the new interface

If the new interface does not activate when viewing Shorts, the reason may be very simple. Either you went too fast and it still hasn’t been activated, or you have an older TV from 2019. Try to update the YouTube app on your Smart TV anyway to make sure you have the latest version available. Keep in mind that the feature will start rolling out in the coming weeks, so maybe you should wait a bit longer until you can burn the remote and TV by devouring Shorts.

How do I know if I am seeing Shorts in the new interface?

YouTube Shorts Smart TV

The change is very evident. The old interface is the same that we can see in the video playback, and it is very annoying to view the Shorts. That has been the reason for this great change, since now the Short’s clip stays perfectly centered and decorated with a beveland the data and details of the video are left aside so as not to disturb the playback.

You can press the right arrow button to see the information and description of the clip, or press down to go to the next Short, or up key to see the previous Short.

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