The Tile company will become part of Life360

We could say that finally the tracking device company Tile has given up and has not endured the launch by Apple and Samsung of their own locator beacons, at least that is what the announcement that the company has made through The Verge means.

In the statement, it is reported that Tile has reached an agreement with the Life360 platform to be bought for $ 205 million. Tile Chief Executive Officer CJ Prober will join Life360’s board of directors and is committed to keeping all current employees.

Tile was founded in 2012 and offers a wide variety of tracking devices that adapt to different uses And they work in a very similar way to Apple AirTags.

Life360 is a monitoring platform that allows us to access the location history of a device where the application has previously been installed, create personalized alerts, send SOS messages, create routes …

Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360 states in the statement that:

Life360 is on a mission to simplify security so families can live fully. With the acquisition of Tile, we will now be able to provide a single, comprehensive solution to find the people, pets, and things that families care most about.

Before launching Apple’s AirTags, the company voiced its displeasure by stating that Apple was preventing other companies from had the same integration that Apple accessories have with those of iOS, a complaint that came to nothing when Apple opened its Search platform to third parties.

Definitely yes, Tile has given up. Competing against Apple AirTags is an impossible mission. And if we also add the Samsung beacons, turn off and let’s go.

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