The Tinder Swindler, the new Netflix documentary that is going to blow it up

We know. You exaggerate a bit in your dating apps. To begin with, you upload only the photos where you appear on your good profile. And the photos… Who said they have to be recent? Much better than a couple of years ago, when we were in better physical shape. But no, you are not special for doing these tricks for find the love of your life. However, one of the next projects of Netflix goes on this subject and promises. The Tinder Scammer is an extreme case based on real events that will make you rethink the contacts what do you do for Internet and with whom you share your intimate moments.

Prince Charming and stepmother at the same time: this is what’s new on Netflix

It looks like a script made by the most perverse mind in Hollywood, but it is a real case that you may have even seen on the news not too long ago. The story goes back to the year 2017, when a series of women open their favorite dating app and find themselves mr millionaire who seems to be the perfect man. Romantic, friendly, thoughtful… a prince charming hidden among the entire catalog of stereotypical men on the platform.

But no, it wasn’t real. Our Romeo was but a swindler, only with a laborious facade behind and a modus operandi tremendously complex. He carefully selected his victims after making match Y trust was earned little by little, even for months if necessary. When the time came, he invited them to meet them aboard his private jet. A display of status that would eliminate any suspicion of his person. Then, they spent a few days traveling through luxury hotels as a couple. And then the scam began. The man received a message on his mobile phone with a threat. So, he told his partner that he needed to run away and disappear for a while. not without before borrow a sum of money, different depending on the victim (and according to their purchasing power). Then, he disappeared from the map and repeated the scam over and over again, taking loot between $10,000 and $140,000 each time. However, what happened next was even worse than losing the sum of money. The victims began to receive all kinds of audios and messages with instructions, With his correspondant threat if they did not comply. As if that were not enough, everything indicates that there are dozens of victims of this scam, as there are recognized cases of women from several European countries.

Official trailer and release date

Three of the victims of this romantic scammer have agreed for Netflix to give visibility to their case, which continues with a international open investigation. They not only seek to talk about this scam, but to do justice by their hand, because for the moment, the investigation continues without drawing conclusions about this case. The trailer has already been published and the documentary film will hit the platform on next february 2.

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