The titanium Apple Watch is no longer available in all its versions

At the beginning of August, we published an article in which we informed you that some models of Apple Watch made of titanium were not available in the Apple Store online, a news that could indicate that they were temporarily out of stock. However, as the days have passed the availability of all models has disappeared.

Both in Spain and in the United States and the United Kingdom, if you try to buy an Apple Watch Series 6 with the case made of titanium of any model, you will find that with no availability of any kind and at the moment, an approximate date of availability is not indicated.

This total unavailability of the titanium model occurs a month before the presentation keynote (if Apple resumes its presentations in September), where Apple Watch Series 7 will be introduced, a model that if we pay attention to Mark Gurman, will show a new flatter design and larger screen.

If we take into account that the Series 6 will be replaced next month (or in October) by the new generation, it is normal that Apple has stopped making it And there is currently no availability, as it is the most expensive model of Apple Watch that the Cupertino-based company sells.

Regarding the aluminum and steel models, for now still without availability problems. If you are thinking of renewing your old Apple Watch, now is not the time. It is better to wait for Apple to present the new Apple Watch and for the current model to drop in price, if Apple continues to market it or through third parties such as Amazon.

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