The trailer for Dead Space remake impresses and appeals to nostalgia

The dead space remake is one of the most anticipated titles of 2023 and not only that, but also, seeing the great popularity that survival horror currently enjoys, it has become a great opportunity for the saga to really have the impact it deserves, because Despite the fact that it sold millions of copies in the past, the results did not leave Electronic Arts satisfied, which ended up closing Visceral Games (here we must add the failure of Dante’s Inferno).

As Visceral Games does not exist, the remake is being developed by EA Motive Studios, whose work is very promising seeing the trailer published recently through the official Electronic Arts channel on YouTube. In the video you can see many things that will surely bring back memories to those who played the original title (including this server), something that is even more evident if we take into account that the technological evolution has not been so much since 2008.

Obviously, here we will again control Isaac Clarke by the USG Ishimura to carry out a reconnaissance and repair mission, in addition to knowing how his girlfriend is. However, the crew of the ship sent to the USG Ishimura, Kellion, are once again in for a rather unpleasant surprise.

In the trailer you can see an important change, and that is that this time Isaac Clarke speaks. This detail is already generating some debate because in the first installment of the saga she did not talk to anyone. On the one hand, this can help give the character more depth, but on the other hand, it can spoil some of the essence of the original game.

It’s without doubt that EA Motive Studios has a very difficult job ahead of them. The original game has aged remarkably wellSo much so that with a pack of textures and some graphic additions it would be fully updated, since at the gameplay level it has remained intact and what is more, possibly today its interface based on holograms placed on the protagonist’s suit instead of using the classic HUD is praised more today than it was in 2008. On the other hand, after a long time it is still a well-balanced and well-made combination of survival horror and action.

In addition to a huge graphic leap, it is expected that some locations will be redesigned at least in part from the remake and, from what has been seen in previous videos, it seems that the survival part will be somewhat reinforced compared to direct action, which is surprising from ElectronicArts.

Will the remake of Dead Space manage to honor the original title? Will it manage to have enough incentives for those of us who enjoyed the 2008 title? If there are no delays, shortly after the start of the year 2023 we should begin to have answers to those questions.

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