The trailer for La Casa de Papel Part 5 hides a very important spoiler

Trailer of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel

Attention Spoilers

Your nerves may have eaten the trailer with dilated pupils and not paid enough attention to certain details, so let’s review some images that could be considered very important spoilers, so keep reading only at your own risk, because we could be seeing a small preview of what will happen in the final chapters.

They have caught the professor

The end of the fourth season left us completely shattered when Inspector Sierra discovers the whereabouts of The Professor. It is he himself who communicates to La Banda that the Storm Pond It has been discovered, so the group is aware of the danger they are currently running.

To make matters worse, Colonel Tamayo has decided to deploy heavy artillery, and for this he has called in the army, which will forcefully enter the Bank of Spain, knocking down everything that is put in front of it. And that’s where the trailer seems to give us a very important clue that would reveal the direction of the end of the series.

La casa de papel 5 spoiler

And is that if we pay close attention to the trailer in the minute 0:35, we can see how one of the soldiers who appears on the scene has a face that seems too similar to us. Isn’t that The Professor? The resemblance is certainly tremendous, so, if so, it seems that our protagonist will manage to escape from the clutches of Sierra to go personally to the Bank of Spain and save his companions.

How did the professor escape?

Following the theory that The Professor managed to escape, the question we ask ourselves is, how did he escape? The only idea we can come up with is that our beloved Inspector Sierra went into labor early, something that looked pretty good after seeing the state she was in in the last chapters. Could this be The Professor’s escape?

New characters with new unknowns

In any case, the deployment of the army does not seem to be the final outcome, since seeing the amount of images that the trailer offers us, possibly the problem becomes even worse. Meanwhile, it seems that we will receive two new characters played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado, so we will see what kind of relationship they incorporate with the rest of the characters. We are sure that they will be part of an emergency plan with which to emerge afloat. The question is, will they really get it?

To clear up any doubts we will have to wait until next September 3, at which time the first part of this fifth season will begin, and we will have to wait until December 3 to receive, now, the second part that closes definitively the series forever.

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