The Transmission 4 BitTorrent manager is now compatible with Apple Silicon


Oddly enough, in the middle of 2023 there are still people using the system BitTorrent for file exchange. A method that became very popular years ago, especially for the exchange of audiovisual material (films and music, mainly) and that today, thanks to the popularity of video and audio platforms, no longer makes much sense.

The point is that Transmission, a popular BitTorrent seed download manager, has just been updated to a new version. A version that is already compatible with Apple Silicon and that runs natively on a Mac with an M1 or M2 processor.

The popular BitTorrent Transmission seed download manager has just released its fourth version (Transmission 4) whose most notable novelty is that it already runs natively on a Mac from the new Apple Silicon era.

This means that Transmission 4 is no longer an Intel application running on a Mac. Apple Silicon via Rosetta. It is finally a universal software. This means it runs natively on both older Intel-based Macs and current M1 and M2-based Macs.

Transmission 4 also has news regarding the design of its interface, more in line with macOS Ventura. It has also been completely recoded, migrating from the C90 programming language to the much more current C++.

And not only that. The optimization of Mac resources are now more evident. With the new version the downloads are much more efficient, using less RAM and less CPU than the previous version.

So if you’re old school and still using BitTorrent seeds for file sharing and already own a new-age Apple Silicon Mac, feel free to give Transmission 4 a try. It’s available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, and it you can download free of charge from the Transmission website.

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