The trick that few know about HBO-MAX to personalize your profile

In many of these streaming platforms that we are talking about, we have the possibility of paying something more for the subscription and sharing an account with others. Obviously this is something that is generally used to share expenses at the same time, which are sometimes not cheap. In order to be able to carry out all this effectively, the corresponding applications or clients offer us different specific functions.

One of the most common is to create different profiles or users so that each one has their own section on the video platform. In this way, they can create their own favorites lists, manage the content they like the most or continue watching where they left off, all independently. In addition, and in order to make things a little easier in this regard, we can even establish a name or profile photo for our user.

With all this, each one of those who share that account, as for example happens in HBO Max, they will have their own individual section as if they were alone in the subscription. If we focus on this alternative that we are talking about and that does not stop growing, HBO offers us some iconic images of its series and movies to use as a profile. However, it may be the case that we prefer to use a more personal photo that represents our profile on the platform

Customize your profile photo on HBO Max

Well, the first thing we should know is that if we access the web version that we usually use to reproduce its contents, this is something that we cannot carry out. If we go to our personal profile after clicking on Manage profileswe can only use the images proposed by the platform.

hbo website

But as we mentioned before, in many situations we will want to use a more personal photo. As indicated in this web version of HBO Max, to achieve this objective that we are looking for, we will have to access the mobile application corresponding to the online service. The truth is that most of you are more than likely to have it installed in your terminal based on Android either iOS.

Therefore, then we only have to go to the app and again click on the link that allows us to manage the profiles and we choose ours. From that moment and if we click on the profile photo that we have established at that moment, now we will have the possibility to choose a photo of our Gallery already saved, or even make one right then and there.

In addition, we will have the possibility of resizing and adapt photo that we have chosen from our library of images to fit the size that allows us to use HBO Max. With this simple change we will be able to have a much more original and personal profile image, which is something that most prefer.

hbo app

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