the trick to save your videos for free in the cloud

Surely we all know the many alternatives we have to save our photos in the cloud: Google Photos, iCloud, OneDrive, Amazon, etc. Thanks to them we can save our entire photo library in the cloud, free up space on our mobile, and access the data whenever we want. Even some platforms, like Amazon, offer us unlimited storage for all our photos. However, for videos there is nothing similar, and given their size, it is difficult to “give away” the space just like that. Luckily, Google hides a trick with which we can save all the videos we want in the cloud, and also for free!

We all know it and have used it at some point, because Google has an excellent platform for saving all kinds of videos in the cloud: YouTube. At first we may be thinking that it is not the best platform to save videos that, in general, are going to be of a personal nature. But not everything that is uploaded to this platform has to be strictly shared, rather we can save videos for private viewing. This makes this platform one of the best ways to save all our videos in the cloud, unlimitedly, and totally free.

Save private videos on YouTube

To be able to do this, we just have to have a Google account, something that we surely already have. We enter YouTube, and within the platform we will enter the section for uploading videos. We must follow the standard steps to upload a video to the platform, but, once uploaded, we must pay close attention to the section on the right.

YouTube video permissions

In the permissions section, we can choose one of these three options:

  • Private: only we will be able to see the video, or the users that we add by hand. Without the permission, no one will be able to see it, not even with the URL.
  • Hidden: the video will be hidden, and only those with the URL can see it. You do not need to configure additional permissions.
  • Public. BEWARE, the video will be accessible to all YouTube users.

The first two options are correct. In this way, our videos will be private, and no one will be able to access them without permission. When we enter our profile we can see a complete list with the saved videos, and play them from the browser, or the YouTube app, like any other video.

It’s not the most comfortable, but it’s free

It is true that doing this with videos is not the best. Nor is it the most comfortable. But it is the best way to save all the videos that we make with the mobile in the cloud, in a safe place, with unlimited storage, and without having to pay anything.

Of course, it is very important to always make sure that we keep the videos private, and share them only with the people we want to see them. If we make a mistake, and publish the saved videos, we can have a serious problem.

Also, for security reasons, it is better not to save anything of a personal or sensitive nature on YouTube, even if we have it in private mode.

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