the trilogy will soon integrate the Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers are very lucky. The Hitman trilogy will soon be entering the service’s catalog.

Microsoft has the best games on demand service, it’s no secret. If the firm thinks that the Xbox Game Pass is not made to stop the sale of retail games, we must admit that its catalog could almost be enough for us for a lifetime, as the titles it offers are tempting. In barely a week, it will also welcome three new games, which are part of the same collection.

This is the trilogy Hitman, which contains the games Hitman 1, 2 and 3. This comes as the latest title enters its second year, which has some nice surprises in store for us. IO Interactive has detailed everything that will happen during this second year, especially in terms of in-game content, but also with regard to a particularly anticipated version of the game.

A year 2 that starts in style

You guessed it, this is the VR version of Hitman 3, which was announced a few months ago. If on consoles it is already relevant, it is on PC that fans will be able to rediscover this legendary opus, released almost a year ago, from a new angle and with new controls. The studio then promised us details before January 20, today here they are.

This version is available for the entire trilogy World of Assassination, good news for fans of the franchise. The studio adds: we have integrated VR-specific configurations to make them as intuitive as possible. For example: you aim with your left hand and throw and release with your right hand. The use of two hands, freedom of body movement and the huge sandbox is a recipe for creativity and chaos. »

A game mode for the toughest

In another style a new game mode will also be available in Hitman 3 from January 20. This is Target Fugitive Arcade mode. If we knew that this mode would ask you to kill a target in a limited time and with a single life, we learn more about how the mission will happen in a concrete way. The studio explains:

Each Arcade Contract now requires you to take down consecutive Elusive Targets, one Contract after another. Each contract must be completed to move on to the next, and additional complications are also added to the contract. If you fail an Arcade contract at any time, there will be a 12 hour lockout before you can retry the contract from the start. »

A particularly challenging mode that will require rigor and perseverance. Don’t forget, see you next January 20 to test these new features, and access the trilogy from Xbox Game Pass. As a reminder, it is available at the price of €9.99 per month for standard access which gives you access to a large library of games that is regularly renewed. For €12.99, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also gives you access to the cloud, Xbox Live Gold and the EA Play game library.

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