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There is no doubt that WhatsApp notably improved communication between people or even between individuals and companies, thanks to WhatsApp Business. Instant messaging is here to stay and become a platform par excellence, chosen by millions of customers around the world and taking a wide advantage over its main competitor and latent threat: Telegram. But their writing methods were not always the same, since years ago they began to be used emoticons and emojis.

With WhatsApp immersed in our life and with an acceptable functioning, the application was renewed and offering different communication tools, such as emoticons and stcikers. However, before the emergence of these two methodologies, users had to improvise their own codes, linking symbols, letters and numbers, each with a specific meaning. These compositions have been used for years and beyond the boom of stickers and traditional emojis, are still valid, although in many cases they are sent without knowing their meaning. Consequently, to prevent you from using those codes incorrectly, we will tell you the true meaning of a very frequent one.

When we use expressions like ‘xoxo’ or ‘lol’, they tend to generate confusion within the application itself. WhatsApp. The same happens with other combinations of letters and signs, substituting terms that represent emojis, such as ‘UwU’ (cuteness) OR ‘xD’ (laugh, sarcasm or irony). This also happens when ‘<3' is sent or received, not knowing what it really means. That is why today we will teach you the meaning of the union between the symbol composed of the minor sign (<) and the number three, which is the code most sent among young people.

The use of these two characters has a sentimental meaning. On WhatsAppAs well as in Facebook posts or in different Tweets, ‘<3' is written to express love and affection. This rudimentary emoji has circulated for years on different platforms and its translation would be that of a heart, formed by the mathematical sign <(less than) and the number three (3). This code is somewhat difficult to decipher since it is a heart with the beak pointing towards the left margin and not down, as hearts are usually drawn. This expression of tenderness can express that you like something, that you are in love with some person or situation that you lived through.

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