The true origin of Ted Lasso is not what you imagine

The premiere of Ted lasso on Apple TV + it was initially not comparable to other major productions that have seen the light of day on the company’s streaming service. For instance, The Morning Show, See or For All Mankind They had a greater impact and more visibility during the presentation events. Even so, in a few weeks the series began to shine with its own light until being the great success that it is today. But, Do you know what the real origin of Ted Lasso is?

An American coach in London

When Ted lasso premiered on Apple TV + there were those who started watching the series without much expectation, they just wanted something that was fun for them. Hence, a comedy was a good option. However, they soon discovered that behind it was one of the most charismatic characters of the moment and a story that in its second season has shown to be more than a production that seeks to make people laugh.

Of course, what not everyone knows even today when they start to see Ted lasso is that the character it had not been created from scratch. This American-born coach who comes to London to take charge of a Premiere League team has already been seen in some commercials on the television network NBC Sports.

Correct, this video that you can see above these lines and whose title is An American Coach in London: NBC Sports Premiere League It was where Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis himself, was first seen.

In the video, which lasts almost 5 minutes, you can see as a documentary how Ted Lasso accepts the challenge of changing countries to go to coach a London football team in its highest category, the Premiere League. Something that might not seem strange if it weren’t for the clear differences between American football and English. So imagine someone who doesn’t know the rules coaching a team like Real Madrid or Manchester United.

The return of Coach Lasso

The result of that ad in 2013 was so good that the following year there was a second announcement. On that occasion Ted Lasso was fired and ended up coaching a youth team. Something “similar” to what happened in the series, only he was not fired but the RFC Richmond downgraded.

Leaving that detail, in the second video for NBC Sports you can continue to see the full potential of the character who years later moved to his own series.

The day Ted Lasso was born

Having seen the two NBC Sports commercials and knowing the series, it is easy to think that this character should have his own space, but it was not easy. Although the story of his birth is at least striking, because you have to go back to year 2001 to start talking about him.

In a dressing room of an Amsterdam theater Jason Sudeikis and Brendan Hunt began to shaping Ted and his faithful assistant. Back then they they played the soccer video game FIFA and that made them start to love the beautiful game. That and the fact that they felt like coaches of such important English teams as Manchester United or Arsenal made them wonder why there was never an American coaching one of these clubs.

All of this later led them to think about the transition from an NFL (American Football League) coach to an English football team coach. What would motivate you to make that change? What’s more, they even wondered why someone would move from one country to another to take charge of a team whose sport sounds the same, but is so different.

Here it must also be said that the Sudeikis partner at that time, the actress Olivia Wilde, encouraged him to work on it and give him the space he thought he deserved. So, with all this the result was none other than what you have seen in seasons 1 and 2 of Ted lasso. And if you haven’t done it yet, our recommendation is that you do so.

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