The (true) Simpsons predictions for 2022

So let’s start with what is most necessary today, to dismantle hoaxes.

No, The Simpsons have not predicted the final Brazil – Spain in Qatar

The Simpsons Sports Predictions

It is possible that it has come to you somewhere, or you have read, that Brazil and Spain will play the Qatar final according to the Simpsons. And even that Brazil will win with the help of the referee.

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But it’s not like that, is fake like almost everything in this life.

They have not said anything about that nor is there an episode, at the moment, that refers to the event. This year’s final season also does not have any episodes based on Qatar.

Fake news is born from the chapter You don’t have to live like a referee, number 16 of season 25. Issued in March 2014, it talks about the World Cup that year and in the episode you can see Spain play with Brazil. This wins with the help of the referee (Homer), but the final is played by Brazil and Germany and, this time, The Simpsons correctly predicted that the World Cup would be German.

However, Germany did not actually play the final against Brazil either, but against Argentina. So no, we will not have the Simpson prescience on our side in Qatar.

The same goes for other alleged predictions, such as that Ivanka Trump is running for President of the United States. There are no presidential elections this year and there is a long way to go until the Republican primaries, although there are votes for the Senate in November.

The rest of the predictions you read out there they are not framed in 2022 either, but in the future in general.

But there is a disturbing fact that could happen this year and its outcome, perhaps, they would have anticipated it…

Asteroid 2009 JF1 and the Flanders Bunker

In another round of hoaxes, recently circulated the false news that NASA had said that the asteroid 2009 JF1 will hit the earth on May 6 of this year.

NASA has not said that, it is what they call a potentially dangerous object, yes, but the real probability of impact is 0.026% and its diameter is estimated at about 13 meters.

According to some experts, with that dimension, it is most likely that, in case of impact, it will disintegrate in the atmosphere or, at most, if it penetrates it and what is left of it falls somewhere with people (70% of the planet is water and much of the land is not inhabited, remember) could break a window.

Or destroy the Flanders bunker and little else, what would make The Simpsons correctly predicted the outcome in the chapter bart’s meteor, season 6, episode 14.

Of course, now that I think about it, the forecasts of the experts are what they are many times. So I stop writing now, that I have to buy toilet paper and concrete.

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