The Trust GXT Thian show us that wireless gaming headphones are within everyone’s reach

Both to immerse yourself in games and to communicate with teammates, one of the accessories that cannot be missing in a player’s setup is headphones. Why Trust premieres today the new GXT 391 Thianwhich focus on lightweight design, wireless connectivity, cross-platform compatibility for PC, PS4 and PS5, and affordable price.

Designed with a strong focus on gamer comfort, these headphones feature a fairly simple design, allowing them to stay in a fairly light weight of only 197 grams. Although this does not mean that they do without quality, equipped with some leatherette ear pads lined with a mesh top layer to ensure maximum comfort even during the longest gaming sessions.

In addition, it presents a flexible, rotatable microphone with a pop filter, to ensure that players’ instructions are clearly heard by fellow players in online games. Likewise, we will be able to maintain full and rapid control of all the sound functions thanks to the presence of integrated controls on the back of the headset itself.

Although without a doubt the main feature of these headphones is their wireless connectivity, which allows us to forget about cables to offer us freedom of movement to focus exclusively on our games. And it is that the GXT Thian has a USB dongle with a fast 5.8 Ghz connectionwhich guarantees quality audio without cuts at all times, along with Plug and Play ease of use, and compatibility with the vast majority of platforms.

Finally, guaranteeing uninterrupted sessions, the GXT 391 Thian have an integrated rechargeable battery that, according to the company, will offer us up to approximately 13 hours of continuous play with a single charge.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Trust GXT Thian available through the company’s official website, as well as some digital distributors such as Amazon, or GAME’s physical stores, at a fairly cheap starting price that it will hardly reach 69.99 euros.

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