“The Uber is kidnapping me”, woman throws herself from a moving car to avoid being raped

“Jorge, the Uber is kidnapping me” was the message that a 23-year-old girl sent to her boyfriend before jumping out of a moving car after being threatened with a knife and sexually harassed by the taxi driver of this popular application, so the facts caused a great commotion in Argentina, place where this unfortunate episode occurred.

According to reports from various local media, the events occurred on the night of Sunday, November 14 and reportedly, the 23-year-old woman, who is a police cadet, ordered a taxi from this application to go to the School of Julio Dantas Police, which is located on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires, however, during the journey, the driver started harassing her, According to the victim’s testimony, the man mentioned how good he was doing oral sex, later, he changed the route drastically claiming that his GPS was not working and it was here that the young woman alerted her boyfriend to the situation.

Subsequently, the driver continued to harass the woman, who warned him that she was a police officer and that she was armed, however, this fact did not matter to the driver who assured that he was also armed and carrying a knife, the woman would have asked the driver to stop to get out of the vehicle, however, he did not pay attention and at a time when he slowed down, the young woman took advantage and he launched himself from the moving vehicle.

The jump of the young woman from the moving car was captured by the security cameras of the Buenos Aires – La Plata highway and in the images it was possible to appreciate that once she got out of the vehicle runs across the road to head to a gas station, where he requested help from the employees and moments later he reported the events to the police, who came to the area to take his statement.

Uber driver arrested

Once the complaint was made, the Buenos Aires police began the proceedings to catch the 23-year-old’s aggressor and it was until Monday, November 15, when they were finally able to locate him and make him available to the authorities, who will be in charge of determining his legal situation.

The Uber driver was identified as Juan Ramón Ormaechea, 26 years old and face charges for abduction aggravated for sexual purposes, Furthermore, his vehicle, a Volkswagen Gol model, also came under police protection.

For its part, Uber Argentina issued a statement in which it reported that as soon as they became aware of the case, they activated the internal investigation protocol to take the pertinent measures in the face of this unfortunate situation that occurred in one of the units of their driving partner, and they also reported that they disabled the account of the now detained and they indicated that they will maintain permanent contact with the authorities to collaborate in the investigations, as well as with the victim and his family to provide them with the necessary support.

“We deeply regret the situation that has been described. We will continue to monitor the progress of the case and at the disposal of the authorities to collaborate and provide information that they require ”, you can read in the statement of the popular application of taxi services.


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