The ultimate for keyboards: hot swappable keys with graphics cards

The latest in keyboards has been to change the traditional mechanical switches for opto-mechanical ones, which have undoubtedly led to an improvement in latency in each keystroke. But within the segment of this peripheral there are also changes in other ways, such as modding, for example. The latest is not what one would expect seeing what was presented by ASUS with its dot screen with real-time animations, not at all, the latest are custom graphics card keys: ROG STRIX TOUCHSTONE.

Although many of you may not believe it, the customization market (or customization as a key term) is very broad, perhaps too much, and this is due to the fact that there are a large number of users who are true keyboard enthusiasts, who are looking for the latest for make it different and unique from the rest. Said and done. It is no longer necessary for specific customization brands to water the garden that the manufacturers have not taken care of, now they are getting their act together and innovating and the latest is as strange as it is interesting and even fun.

ASUS STRIX TOUCHSTONE: graphics card keys on your keyboard


It is true that in this case it is partisan when they are not keys for any graphics card model, but the concept itself is very interesting: launching custom keycaps with the brand’s GPU models.

In this case, as you may have already seen, it is from the ASUS brand, which has launched the keys of the series ROG STRIX TOUCHSTONEAlthough they are not for sale yet, they will arrive in the fairly near future. ASUS is not that it is a company alien to users and their demands on their keyboards, quite the contrary.

It is a brand that currently has three types of keys for sale, one of them personalized with the typical ROG theme, a complete game or PBT set and another one, the latter being PBT Doubleshot. But this is not enough for the keyboard modding enthusiast, but for the semi-pro or professional gamer, so the focus turns to the former now.

A mini version of your ROG GPU


What has been achieved is a series of keys with the theme and shape of a graphics card that will be placed on your ROG keyboard, being a real mini GPU quite successful and that will be manufactured with the best quality.

We are talking about CNC engraved, polished anodized aluminum with drawing system that are excellent in appearance and also in touch. Best of all is the customization they get. And it is that the GPU fans have ball bearings, and therefore, they can rotate freely as if it were the graphics card, a real madness that surely has a good value.

If we talk about compatibility with switches, ASUS has logically played it safe and this means that we can install them on any switch CHERRY MX with crossed axis, that is, the vast majority of keyboards with this type of switch so widespread today. However, his measures 51mm x 18mm length and width do not make them compatible with all keyboards, where in addition their 11mm in the thickest part and 7.8mm in the lower part they will also make a difference on keyboards outside of ROG STRIX.

At the moment it has not been specified which models are compatible, so we will have to wait for ASUS to confirm said compatibility for its STRIX TOUCHSTONE.

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