The United States does not trust Taiwan and wants to make chips again

From the United States they want to manufacture chips, it is not something that should surprise us, but they seem determined to want to enter a kind of autarchy where the entire process instead of being distributed throughout the world is done in a single country. Does this mean that we are going to see NVIDIA and AMD manufacturing at Intel? Who knows if in the future. In any case, they are throwing as much money as possible into said bet.

We have been talking about the concept of regionalization for some time and if there is a country obsessed with it, it is the United States, especially because of the possibility of the invasion of Taiwan by China or the commercial rapprochement. Which could mean the loss of TSMC as a chipmaker or no preferential treatment for Uncle Sam’s superpower. And it is that we should not be surprised by his behavior and the desire to move all possible chip production to his country and encourage it as much as possible.

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And it is that globalization is very good when you play with marked cards and you are the star of the show. But things change when someone appears with whom you have to share the foreground of the poster. Suddenly you no longer want to play because you know that you can lose the advantage you had until now. And it is that after years in which it was sold that the protectionist policy of the previous administration was disastrous, the White House has decided to continue it. This time like the Marx Brothers train, that is, without brakes.

The White House is developing a bill to encourage increased chip manufacturing within its borders. The reason for this is that currently only 12% of the chips designed by US companies are being manufactured in that country. Which is actually a slap in the face by the Biden administration to NVIDIA and AMD, which manufacture their chips at Samsung and TSMC. To add insult to injury, Lisa Su and Jen Hsun Huang are of Asian descent. Let’s not forget that unlike its rivals, Intel not only designs, but also manufactures. Let’s not forget that Intel has achieved a capitalization of more than 100,000 million dollars to deploy its future factories.

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In any case, we must bear in mind that the real problem is not Taiwan, but China. It must be taken into account that despite the political climate, many of the island’s manufacturers and assemblers have commercial agreements with China, which has already harmed the shipment of material for the manufacture of graphics cards, laptops and all kinds of devices several times. hardware. Something that is seen by the Biden administration as a significant disruption to its supply of semiconductors that could cause historic damage to the US economy.

However, it is not the market for PC components that has been most affected, but rather that of motorsports, where the increased use of electronics in recent years has been increasingly evident. And it is that the shortage of components has completely stopped and for days and even weeks the factories in the United States and its satellite countries. In any case, all this sums up 52,000 million dollars more that they want to put from the White House so that they are manufactured in that country. Who was going to tell us a few years ago that we would have a 180ยบ turn with respect to globalization?

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