The USB C port will be mandatory on all devices in Europe

Finally and after a time in which the European Union itself allowed companies to choose the placement of this single port on their devices (always as a recommendation) now are about to pass a law that requires manufacturers to include it directly or offer solutions for its use in the old continent.

In this case, what is clear to us is that one of the main affected companies is Apple. In Macs, it has been adding this USB C port for a while, in iPads, only the entry model remains (just presented iPad 9) but the iPhone is another issue …

Apple is not very happy with it

In an official statement in which, according to the EU, responsibility with the environment prevails, a law will soon be passed that requires manufacturers around the world to want to sell electronic devices here. In this case no one is targeting Apple directly but indirectly so in Cupertino they have not been slow to react with a statement in which they warn that this obligation will affect the advancement in the technologies of the future and will harm users.

The reality is that many users want this single port to exist for all devices and not have to walk around with several different chargers together with their respective cablesHowever, we do not want technology to stagnate or not evolve because of this.

Be that as it may, it seems that everything indicates that once the law in Europe on the obligation to use the USB C port in consumer electronic devices is approved, in two years, everyone will have to use this type of USB C connection to be marketed here.

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