The use of 5G quadrupled in Spain between January and September 2022

Between the months of January and September of last year, 5G consumption quadrupled in Spain, according to Europa Press. However, according to the data that the CNMC (National Market and Competition Commission) has managed to collect during the first year that it has measured the use of said technology, traffic through 5G networks only accounts for 2.2% of total traffic. from the Spanish network.

Traffic through 4G continues to be the majority in terms of connectivity to the mobile network. Until September, four million Terabytes of data moved through this network in Spain, out of a total of 4.4 million Terabytes. Even 3G technology still sees more data traffic through its networks than 5G. In total, in the first nine months of 2022, 326,060 Terabytes were moved through these networks. It is four times as much.

Despite still being therefore insignificant, 5G data traffic grew remarkably in the first three quarters of 2022. Specifically, in the second and third quarters of last year there was as much 5G traffic as in all of 2021. It is expected that its use will grow even more appreciably in 2023.

More and more users have had mobile phones compatible with 5G for months. But in reality, they access the Internet through a mixed system with 4G as the center and in which the network is intermediate between 4G and 5G. Therefore its capacity is not squeezed. It will be with the Standalone, with all the equipment already capable of offering 5G with all its advantages, when these users, and those who use 5G phones, will be able to enjoy its power.

In 2022, base stations capable of offering 5G Standalone have already begun to become popular. In fact, Orange and Vodafone they had to give coverage with this technology to 30% of localities with more than 50,000 inhabitants by the end of 2022. telephone I had to do it in those of more than 20,000. Added to this are various infrastructures, such as roads, stations and airports, among other communication nodes.

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