The use of the electronic signature carries an average ROI of 785% for SMEs

The Spanish electronic signature startup and DocuSign competitor, Signaturit, has developed an ROI calculator, that allows any company to obtain an estimate of the return on investment of adopting electronic signature software, both in economic and environmental terms.

Aware that calculating the gains associated with investing in digitization can be complex due to the amount of variables involved – use of materials, reduction of transport time, risk reduction – Signaturit’s new tool allows an objective measurement by comparing the cost of the investment with the profits generated in return.

Likewise, the ROI calculator allows users to know the reduction of environmental impact by switching to a zero paper mode, indicating the savings of trees, water and CO2 at one, five and ten years ahead.

Thus, as part of its study for the development of the tool, the company has estimated that for an average of 5-15 documents to be signed per month, companies they can save up to € 911 per year using an electronic signature solution. Which, based on the prices offered by Signaturit, translates into an ROI of 217%. Similarly, in the case that the average shipment is between 205-400 documents per month, the savings increases to € 66,160 per year and the ROI amounts to 992%.

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In the case of Spanish business fabric, More than 97% composed of SMEs, the average number of documents sent per month is around 364. In this context, the average ROI in the market amounts to 785%, assuming an average annual saving of € 115,882, and, having an impact on saving an average of 232 trees, 582.7 L of water and 67.75 tons of CO2 in just five years.

The objective of the technology with this project is to help entrepreneurs to decider when and where to allocate financial resources, based on tangible results by studying the needs of companies derived from their activity.

Every year more companies are committed to digitization, driven by reasons related to ecological and environmental preservation “says Alexandra Lung, Vice President of Product at Signaturit. “That is why we have developed this tool, so that users can learn in detail the benefits of investing in a green technological solution that, beyond improving the productivity of any document process, and limiting the risk of errors and loss of documents has a positive impact on the environment ”.

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