The vast majority of the population is concerned about the stress caused by the use of technology

The incorporation of social networks as channels of connection with others offers many benefits, such as easy access to new knowledge and learning, improvement in interpersonal communication as well as the possibility of finding job opportunities. However, it is true that there are numerous health risks associated with the use of these platforms.

Therefore, the studyCompass: Benefits and risks of using the Internet and social networks‘, promoted by the National Observatory of Technology and Society (ONTSI), reveals that 71% of those surveyed are quite or very concerned about the possible impact of the inappropriate use of new technologies.

Deusto Salud highlights the data from the aforementioned study, where some of the possible problems are revealed related to the inappropriate use of technologies and social networks, such as:

  • Emergence of new types of addictions. 46% are sure that new technologies favor their appearance.
  • Loss of mental abilities. Almost 57% of people think that an inappropriate use of new technologies will probably or totally affect the mental abilities of the population.
  • anxiety or stress. 71% of people over 15 years of age who use the Internet in Spain believe that it is very probable or certain that inappropriate use can generate this type of pathology.

In this sense, the ONTSI study also highlights other risks that may arise, such as loss of social skills, for 66%, worsening of sleep quality, for 42.7%, or loss of notion of time, for 40.5%. On the other hand, 47.5% indicate the possibility of suffering cyberbullying. If we add to this percentage the 32% who believe that this risk is likely to be amplified by the misuse of social networks, we can conclude that for almost eight out of ten people there is a risk of experiencing cyberbullying. In addition, 35% believe that the inappropriate use of networks will surely generate a feeling of social pressure.

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