The VAT declaration electronically is now mandatory for all businesses

In the Nomo guide on “Digitalizing the business: purpose of 2023 for SMEs and freelancers” we find some Interesting tax news for SMEs and the self-employed, this 2023. One of them is the obligation for businesses to file the VAT declaration electronically.

Digital business management is accelerating and the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) is driving demands on businesses in digitization, such as the mandatory use of electronic invoicing between companies or the use of billing software approved by the Treasury. The great novelty in 2023 is the obligation to process the Value Added Tax (VAT) over the Internet, which came into force on January 1.

This new requirement eliminates the possibility of declaring VAT in paper format and it affects the self-assessments of model 303 corresponding to the year 2023 and the following ones. From now on, businesses will only be able to process the VAT self-assessment electronically and only forms 111, 115, 122, 130, 131, 136 and 309 can be submitted on paper.

Create and Grow Law and Anti-Fraud Law

Undoubtedly, 2023 brings important regulatory changes that will affect the day-to-day of any business in Spain. Both the Create and Grow Law, which we have talked about extensively in recent weeks, such as the Anti-fraud Law, They have been created months ago, but they will not come into force until this year (or next year, depending on the case).

Both pursue different objectives but have some aspects in common, as is the obligation to digitize invoices. In the case of Crea y Crece, the contractual relationship between companies will have to be digital, in the case of Antifraud, it implies the declaration, in real time, of everything that is billed to customers. With this, SMEs and the self-employed will not have any more option to Install approved accounting software. There are fewer and fewer alternatives, and the Administration has given them a more than reasonable time to adapt.

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