The version of Spotify for macOS, will soon be compatible with Apple Silicon

Not all users of Apple products use Apple Music, although Apple would like to. Many users continue to choose Spotify as a streaming music platform, however, so far, the Swedish company has not launched an application that is compatible with Apple Silicon.

Fortunately, this is about to change, according to the company itself in its support forum. On November 11, an article was published asking the company when it planned to launch a version compatible with Apple Silicon. Yesterday, July 1, the company for without answered the question.

According to the company, Spotify is already working on a beta version for M1 processors, a version that offers many compatibility improvements and optimizations for Apple’s new architecture. At the moment, the company has not announced how much it plans to launch the final version, although it is now possible to download it.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and we’re excited to announce that we now have a beta version of our app available. It features many compatibility improvements and optimizations for the new Apple architecture.

Please note that as this is a Beta release, some unexpected behavior can still occur. We will use all feedback and information we receive from you to fine-tune and improve your experience with Spotify.

If you want to download this new version of Spotify for Apple computers managed by the M1 processor, you can do so through this link. Being a beta version, it probably won’t work as it should. If you want to wait for the final version to be released, you can continue using the web player available through the Spotify website.

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