The very good Beoplay H4 wireless headphones are 50% off on Amazon

[Le Deal du Jour] Bang & Olufsen has become a benchmark in consumer audio and its Beopplay H4 is a highly recommendable wireless headset for lovers of good sound looking to save money. It is now available on Amazon in promotion at 150 euros instead of 300.

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Bang & Olufsen may not be as mainstream a brand as the competition from Apple, Sony or even Bose, but it has a certain notoriety among audiophiles. Initially specialized in professional audio and radio equipment, the Dane has launched into the consumer audio world in recent years with wireless headphones, portable speakers and headphones.

In this deal, we have selected the Beoplay H4, a high-end wireless headset which today loses 50% of its price on Amazon.

The B&O Beoplay H4 helmet in black color // Source: Amazon

To better understand the offer

  • Why is this a good helmet for its price?

At first glance, we feel that the Beoplay H4 has taken advantage of the brand’s know-how in terms of finish and build quality despite the rather entry-level / mid-range positioning of the headset. Ergonomics have not been put aside either with shape memory and leather-covered headphones offering a certain comfort when placed on the head. In addition, it weighs only 235g, which is 51g less than an Airpod Max. It should also be noted that even if the headset is intended to be used wirelessly thanks to a Bluetooth connection, it still incorporates a jack port, very practical when you run out of battery.

But it is especially on the sound side that the Beoplay H4 makes the difference. The bases are present, deep even with good mids. Features that make them the perfect headphones for rock lovers. The passive isolation is also very well made and fills in the lack of active noise reduction. In short, the Beoplay H4 is a great deal, especially with a price cut in half.

The Beoplay H4 is intended to be a versatile helmet that can be used in all circumstances. It is for this reason that it embeds a microphone to make hands-free calls. Obviously, it is possible to control the output sound using the buttons located on one of the headphones. A button is even dedicated to voice assistance thanks to Siri and Google Assistant compatibility.

Finally on the autonomy side, B&O announces a duration of 19 hours, which places the Beoplay H4 in the average of wireless headphones on the market. It takes about an hour to fully charge using the USB-C port.

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