The Walking Dead: updated the complete timeline of the saga made by a fan

Looking forward to the debut of The Walking Dead 11, the last season of the post apocalyptic show based on the Robert Kirkman comics that will debut for the first time on Disney +, we can take a review of the events that have accompanied us in the last eleven years, thanks to the timeline created by a fan of the AMC saga.

About a year ago we had already talked about the painstaking work of Vincenzo Mei who, taking advantage of the first lockdown, had managed to complete an idea that he had been cultivating for some time, namely that of creating the complete history of The Walking Dead television franchise, obviously including, in addition to the mother series, also the spin-offs Fear The Walking Dead And The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The Walking Dead timeline updated to 2021

After 12 months the timeline has been updated to also include TWD season 10 and FTWD season six.

You can find below the tweet with the infographic that, from top to bottom, traces all the events since the spring of 2010, when scientists, including Dr. Jenner, are studying the virus inside the laboratories. that revives corpses. In a few weeks the situation will start to get out of hand and in August 2010 the epidemic will break out, with the events that will lead us to have the first contact with Rick Grimes.

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