The Way of the Apron: Sony announces the arrival of the live action film taken from the manga

While the fans de The Way of the Apron are enjoying the new episodes of the second season of the anime on Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that the manga The Way of the Househusband (Gokushufudō) from Kousuke Oono will be adapted into a live action film that will be released at the beginning ofsummer 2022.

A live action film based on the manga of La Via del Grembiule is coming

Cast members from the manga’s previous live-action series will reprise their roles for the film. Hiroshi Tamaki will be Tatsu again, Haruna Kawaguchi will be Miku and Jun Shison it will therefore be Masa.

Other returning cast members include Tamaki Shiratori like Himawari, Naoto Takenaka like Kikujirō Eguchi, Izumi INamori like Ibari, Kenichi Takitō like Torajirō, Yūta Furukawa like Sakai, Junpei Yasui like Sadogashima, Tina Tamashiro like Yukari, e MEGUMI like Tanaka ta.

Tōichirō Rutō, former director of the live action series premiered in October 2020, will also take care of the film of La Via del Grembiule.

the way of the anime apron

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Meanwhile, in Italy the manga continues to be published by J-Pop manga, whose volumes can be found conveniently (and now on offer) on Amazon Italy.

Below you can find the official plot:

The hilarious daily events of a bizarre ex-criminal struggling with a new life. Tatsu, known as “the Immortal”, is the most relentless and feared yakuza in the city.

A demon in combat, a man of honor ready to give his life for his companions … And he still is today that he is married.

Only now the fights are being sold in the supermarket with ruthless housewives and his companions are washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

Because Tatsu (while his wife brings home the bread) has decided to become the perfect man of the house, but his old enemies and especially his appearance are rowing against all good intentions.


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