The way to know if an iPhone has an iCloud lock

What does it mean that the iPhone is locked

The iCloud lock treats that no one can access the content of the device, nor that it can be used after a simple format. Many people find a lost iPhone on the street or on public transport and try to keep it. This is mainly because it is a listed device and that has a high base price. But the owner at the time of losing it with total security you will have activated the corresponding iCloud lock. Which by the way, this is something that you will always have to do if you are the person who has lost your own iPhone.

In the event that it is active, the person who resets it in order to use it again with their account will be in for a big surprise. During the initial setup process of the reset iPhone it will seem that everything is going fine. But there will come a time when ask for different login details. Specifically, the email address of the original owner is specified, which is partially censored for data protection reasons. So, in order to continue with the configuration process, the Apple ID will be required along with the password of the owner who has activated that lock after the theft.

In this case there is no way to skip this step. It is mandatory that you have to enter all these data to continue with the initial configuration process. It may be thought that a new restoration will end up offering the possibility of avoiding entering all this information, but this is false. This way, the device is completely unusable for anyone who wants to seize it if he is not the owner. In this way, it will end up being a paperweight without any function. It is quite difficult to get through this security barrier that iCloud imposes. Even Apple is reluctant to create a backdoor, to be able to access the devices of some people, even if they are criminals. That is why this has been a really controversial issue within the company.

How to know if it is blocked

With all this information, you should know that if you are going to buy a second-hand iPhone you should take it into account. Unfortunately, many people put iPhones up for sale on the internet that are stolen, even though they say they are completely their property. In this case it’s about always sending via mail, and not do the transaction in person. In this way, when the buyer tries to carry out the configuration, he will find himself with this serious problem and with much less money in his pocket.

But this is something that can also happen in face-to-face sales (which is currently the great recommendation), since many people are not aware of this type of blocking and do not check it. And on many occasions the seller disappears completely once the transaction is made. But as we say, there are different methods to take into account to be able to do this query quickly.

stealing iphone

Through the Apple website

You should know that the Apple website has a system so you can check if a device is blocked or not. Without a doubt, it is really useful to be able to make a quick consultation when you go to buy a device. Indirectly, it will offer you all the necessary information to have this data in your possession and buy safely.

  1. go to the apple website
  2. Click now on Mediumto the right of the top bar of the page.
  3. Choose iPhone.
  4. now go to Service and repair.
  5. click on Get service.
  6. Of all the options you will find, you should go to Repairs and physical damage.
  7. Choose now a reason for repair. It does not matter what reason you finally choose. Click on Continue.
  8. Click on Log in. Enter your Apple ID to verify your identity.
  9. Click on Enter a serial number.
  10. Enter the iPhone serial number or IMEI.

Once this is done, if the iPhone is locked by iClouda message will appear that says something like “Sorry, but you can’t create a repair while the device is locked.” This is an indication that the device may have been stolen and hence the price offered for sale is so low. In this case, the seller will say that it belongs to a relative, that he will deactivate it in the next few days, or some other excuse. But it is advisable not to carry out the transaction in this situation.

In the event that this message is not displayed, it is an indication that everything is correct and it is not blocked. In this way you will be able to trust this purchase. Likewise, we recommend that you request additional documentation, such as the purchase invoice, or the ticket that can be provided by the store. Everything is important to avoid fraud in the long run.

Going to an Apple Store

Another point where you can request this type of information, together with the seller, can be in an Apple Store. In this case, with the person in charge, you can go so that check the serial number and know all the details of the purchase and even if it was purchased in another country. Without a doubt, it can become interesting to avoid at that moment that someone could end up scamming you with this sale.

But the most advisable thing is always to go in person to purchase these devices, and do the configuration in person. Until you enter your Apple ID in the setup process, don’t let the seller go. In this way, if something goes wrong, you can request some kind of explanation and even make a return to it.

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