The webcam on this monitor hides like a periscope

A monitor focused on teleworking

Samsung have introduced to their product catalog a new monitor very focused on teleworking and communication. Of course, before talking about that, a few notes about what this particular bet is like. That may not be as spectacular as those gigantic 49-inch diagonal super ultra-wide format screens, but for some it will be much more attractive due to the advantages it could bring in their day-to-day lives.

Physically, as you can see in the images, the new Samsung screen offers a fairly minimalist, sober and elegant design. Taking into account that it would be a screen to use in the office, either in your usual workplace or in your own home if you work remotely or are still working Home Work., This is something that you are sure to appreciate.

Of course, along with that simple aesthetic, what is really interesting is the set of features and extra options that it offers. This is not a monitor for demanding users in terms of photo and video, but for those who are looking for something to work with and also reduce the number of accessories that are usually needed. These are all features of the screen:

  • The Samsung S4 Webcam Monitor offers a 24 inch panel with resolution 1080p
  • The base is also minimalist, but if you want you can remove it and place the screen on a c standCompatible with VESA standard
  • Video connection HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2
  • Panel with resolution 1080p and frequency of 75 Hz refresh
  • Integrated USB HUB
  • 2W power speakers
  • Built-in microphone
  • Pop-up webcam

As you can see, it is a correct screen in terms of diagonal, resolution and connectivity. However, those last points added by the two-port USB HUB, the microphone, the speakers and the webcam are what make the difference with respect to the usual proposals. Because it allows you to have everything you need to use video calling applications with which to communicate with co-workers without having to go around adding new accessories.

However, there are some details that make this screen somewhat more striking than others that also integrate a webcam in the upper frame. Here the screen is a periscope type.

Now you see it, now you don’t see it

The great attraction of this new Samsung screen is that it offers a pop-up webcam or periscope that allows you to use it when you need to and be more calm, for privacy reasons, when you really do not require its use.

Similar to how we have seen in some mobile phones months ago, Samsung has introduced a mechanism that allows you to show or hide the camera depending on how it is going to be used. Although this webcam is not only intended to be used in video calls, it is also intended to make use of the Windows Hello function and to be able to log in using the face instead of password or other methods. In addition, this unlocking can be used to access websites and apps.

Thus, with all this, the use of the camera on the new Samsgung screen can be very convenient for Windows users with certain requirements that improve their experience of daily use.

Price and availability

Samsung’s new screen with pop-up webcam has a cost of about 300 euros approximately. Taking into account what an external webcam, a small USB HUB, external speakers and microphone can cost, the truth is that it compensates. And not only because of the possible savings, especially because you reduce the space necessary to put so much gadget and the order that you win.

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