The WhatsApp app is getting closer to reaching the Mac

We have been asking for the possibility of using WhatsApp on our Mac or iPad natively for a few years and in this case everything indicates that it is very close to happening. Not that we have an app already in beta or something like that, but yes they are working on the development of it as well they show from WABetaInfo.

This application will be key for many users who have been using WhatsApp since its inception. On the other side we find several users who are using WhatsApp and other messaging applications such as Apple Messages or Telegram. In these two cases the native applications for each of the devices they are key to good use and a great experience.

There is talk of a Catalyst-based app for Mac

Of course, this Apple framework is not new or just launched, so launch a Catalyst-based application Right now it is not bad but it is not exciting either. For those who do not know, these types of applications are versions of iOS ported to macOS by copying their code.

They could have done it earlier. This is what many users will be thinking right now when reading the news and that is that porting this app through Catalyst is something that could have been consumed for a long time. At the moment they are in development so we have to keep waiting, however it is good that they end up carrying it to avoid having to use the desktop version that, although it works well, always has fewer options than a native or specific application for the OS it is running on.

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