The Wheel of Time (Amazon): Why you can’t stop watching the series

What is The Wheel of Time about?

The Wheel of Time is a series of novels by writer Rober Jordan in a saga that spans 14 volumes, a prequel, and two companion books. For the last three stories, Robert Jordan teamed up with another of today’s fantasy literary heavyweights, Brandon Sanderson.

Many describe this saga as a fantasy masterpiece and we are sure that you are going to be hooked on it without remedy for many reasons. Here are the main ones (don’t worry, there is no spoilers).

Reasons to conquer you

We could do a monograph on what we love about The Wheel of Time, but you have to leave room for other things, so let’s see the main thing.

It may be the new Game of Thrones

It sounds like a cliché and all the series that want to succeed say it, but in this case, It’s true.

The Wheel of Time It is fantasy, yes, but not the usual one. You will not see elves or dwarves here (although it is true that trollocs could pass for something akin to orcs). There are magic and wonders, but Jordan himself defined the world as: “A seventeenth century without gunpowder.”

So get ready for a complex world, with perfectly crafted, grown-up characters that go beyond the platitudes of traditional good and bad.

It is fantasy, but suitable for those who are not fans of the genre

Game of Thrones hooked (at least until the series got ahead of the books), because it’s a story of what makes us human, away from clichés and Disney-style simplicity.

That got the whole world addicted and The Wheel of Time it is a similar work. A detailed world and complex characters they accompany an excellent narrative. If this is transferred to the series just as well as in the first seasons of Game of Thrones, get ready because you will not be able to stop seeing it.

It is spectacular

The story of The Wheel of Time It was going to be a saga of 6 books, but you see how it grew. And it is that history deserves it and advances towards a final apotheosis battle.

Along the way we will have others, such as the two rivers, and scenes that, if they are like in the books (Mat blows Valere’s horn, Rand meets Elaida in Caemlyn …) they will put your heart in a fist and make you not detach from the screen.

Rafe Judkins is a true fan

The head of the series, Rafe Judkins, has true love for the saga. He has expressed on more than one occasion his passion for her and details such as the memories of growing up with his mother and him reading the books together.

The same goes for other members of the casting and production. They are true fans who are not there just for the money, so hopefully they don’t break our hearts like they did with the end of Game of Thrones.

Please, no, not that. This has to go well and, for now, it seems that it has all the earmarks and that you will not be able to stop talking about The Wheel of Time.

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