The Witcher 3: the optimized version PS5 / Xbox Series arrives on December 14

It is now official. The version optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series of The Witcher 3 will be available from December 14, 2023. As promised, it will be accessible free of charge to all owners of the original title on PS4 and Xbox One.

Credits: CD Projekt RED

Like many flagship games of the previous generation, The Witcher 3 will also be entitled to its version optimized for the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. This has been confirmed for a long time by CD Projekt RED. Nevertheless, and while we were thinking of (re)discovering Geralt’s last adventures on next-gen in 2021, the Polish studio was forced to postpone the release of this update to an unknown date.

This is due in particular to a certain Cyperpunk 2077, which occupied the developers full time (in particular to catch up with the many bugs). In September 2022, however, studio teams confirmed that the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 will land well in 2022without giving a specific release date.

The next-gen version of The Witcher 3 arrives on December 14

Well, good news, since CD Projetkt RED just released the official launch date of this update optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series X/Series S. The appointment is given on December 14, 2022and thing promised, this version will be free for all owners of the game. Note that it will also be released on PC on the same date.

From what we know so far, this version will include significant graphical improvements, and in particular support for Ray-Tracing and an increase in the framerate of course. Attention, This is a remastered and not a remake. In other words, don’t expect any changes to the gameplay or the game’s interface, or to the content offered.

As a reminder, the studio has confirmed that it is currently working on a new The Witcher trilogy based on Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of Epic Games’ famous graphics engine. In addition, CD Projekt RED announced the development of a remake of The Witcher 1 on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the game. For now, the game is still at an early stage of development. In fact, we will have to wait a while longer before having a first trailer, not to mention a release date.

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